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The seriously polluted advanced regions are coastal, and the lightly polluted under-developed regions are all landlocked.

Our scenarios trương mục for different initial growth rates and for potentially heterogeneous development of the coastal and landlocked regions.

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Table 3 shows that about 57 per cent of solid waste is produced in the landlocked regions.

Coalfields were landlocked, however, and therefore developed slowly at first, with family operations working shallow seams for purely local demand.

The total population of this landlocked country is close lớn 29 million with only a minority having access lớn suitable sanitation and safe water.

They are uniform for the coastal and the landlocked regions.

Finally, we consider two scenarios of unequal development of the coastal and landlocked regions.

In the optimistic scenario, both the coastal and landlocked regions start at an annual growth rate of 5 per cent that converges lớn 2 per cent in 2050.

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In the divergence scenario, the coastal region develops as in the optimistic development scenario, while the landlocked regions only grow at 3 per cent in 1997.

Although my constituency is landlocked, it should not be assumed that people there tự not care what is happening lớn our coastline.

There is also an urgent need lớn make sure that small and vulnerable states - landlocked states - are protected in future đơn hàng that are made.

We should reject it, regardless of whether we hail from seafaring nations or from landlocked countries.

Although he represents—unless my geography has wholly deserted bủ — a landlocked constituency, he has properly drawn our attention lớn problems on the high seas.

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One of the problems that is faced when local authorities continually stand in the way of opencast mining is that areas become landlocked.

If this country had no aeroplanes, we would be in effect a landlocked nation because we now have sánh few ships.

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