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The acoustic waveform that reaches the ears is structured by the activity of several anatomical structures, including the lips, tongue, jaw, and larynx.

The characteristics were : hair, facial hair, larynx, voice, figure, height, skin, hands/feet, muscularity, chin, nose, jaw, speech, and gestures/movement.

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As air breathing increased in importance, the vertebrate larynx strengthened to tát accommodate additional functions such as optimizing airflow and protecting the lungs from foreign matter.

Patients with more severe obstruction require continuous nasopharyngeal intubation with careful positioning of the bevel of the tube opposite the larynx.

This stretching can be accompanied by extreme lowering of the larynx (or extreme raising of the tongue, to tát uvular position).

Similar decreases in local tumor control are calculated for treatment protraction and for interruptions in the radiotherapy of carcinoma of the larynx in four centers.

The tumour sites included were oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx and hypopharynx.

At its upper kết thúc, the trachea enters the larynx, which in turn opens into the pharynx.

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When you pronounce an a or e, the back of the tongue stays practically parallel to tát the palate, and the larynx is half opened.

In the diacritic training task, the children were first asked to tát touch their larynx while pronouncing /p/ and /b/.

Faucalised voice in (d) has higher pitch, lower larynx and a wide expanded pharyngeal resonating space.

As part of the overall autonomic stress response, therefore, vagal input to tát the larynx regulating conserved functions would have concurrently affected vocalization acoustics as well.

The old tenor, needing to tát keep his neck straight to tát allow the larynx to tát ascend and descend, was forced into stiff, formal postures.

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The source of the cry sound is the vibrating vocal cords of the larynx.

These muscles serve to tát bring the vocal folds together, but are also involved in larynx lowering, which, as noted, is associated with pitch lowering.

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