left nghĩa là gì

A second threat is soon found left in a galley.

When observing the locomotive from the side with the five grilles, the number 1 over of the locomotive would be at the left over.

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I left a platter with three pieces of fried potato on it.

The view from the grandstand reserved sections in left is particularly obstructed.

He left the furniture business when he was 60 years old and obtained his stockbroker's license the same year.

Later, they live freely on the leave or cause stem galls.

He is frequently shown đồ sộ shirk paperwork, leaving his subordinates đồ sộ vì thế the work.

Often however many leaseholders left the location without formally transferring the lease and were not able đồ sộ be located.

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So frightened was she of singing in public that she auditioned from the wings, leaving the pianists alone on stage.

They left the restaurant at 10:30 pm.

They make some good yards out on the left wing and are less than vãn five out.

He has made the left wing his own, doing very well in defence and attack.

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However, despite his popularity among left wing chiến dịch groups, the actor this week ruled out running for office himself.

But you are right that there were both right and left wing speakers.

Still, the move shocked the 24-year-old left wing.