legal action là gì

Before that, tort law only allowed direct victims vĩ đại initiate legal action against a polluter.

The chief of them is an expectation of epistemic rationality that limits occasions of harm requiring legal action.

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These measures were carried out independently of legal action in some cases, and as a way of affecting the implementation of legal decision in others.

They may, however, lead vĩ đại legal action being taken by those affected.

Yet those affected failed vĩ đại take any legal action against the government.

Note that this makes the cost of legal action very low.

A study of patients and relatives taking legal action.

If people had observed the intent of the clan regulations, no such additional recommendations as official notices, discouraging legal action, would have been necessary.

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Patient expectations, the compulsion vĩ đại act, and the threat of legal action motivate clinicians at a professional and at a personal level.

They also may lead vĩ đại legal action being taken by those affected and may reduce public confidence in screening.

Men, women, and couples were equally likely vĩ đại have been accused of such things and vĩ đại have responded by raising a legal action for defamation.

What sườn that legal action would have taken was not entirely clear, but "wrongful life" appeared the most likely.

One aspect of this responsibility is vĩ đại take a stand in the refusal vĩ đại employ medically inappropriate interventions, even under the threat of legal action.

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Despite donor promptings that those alleged vĩ đại have behaved corruptly be prosecuted and punished, little legal action was undertaken.

Most difficult of all was the situation in which an attorney was called upon vĩ đại take legal action adverse vĩ đại the wishes of the government.

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