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The methods for ren expression analyses are subsequently detailed mainly for this type of design, although lip service is paid lớn alternative methods.

In reality only lip service is paid lớn these effects by most workers.

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Paying lip service lớn or totally ignoring mathematics became a widespread attitude in (nongenetic) structuralism.

Egyptological writing occasionally still pays lip service lớn the idea of an age of the earth measured in thousands of years.

Let us now pay more than thở lip service lớn this premise, and analyse the environmental structures that make heuristics more or less useful.

This is the meaning of pay in the expressions pay homage, pay lip service and pay attention.

This is often perceived as mere lip service lớn the sacred law, but it is a necessary element in combining the two systems.

Others may give lip service lớn religions because it is lớn their advantage lớn bởi ví.

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Presteigne doesn't need 'themes' (nor can it bởi anything but pay lip service lớn them in a mere six days).

In fact, quite a few "tensions and competing insights" are actually given little more than thở lip service (frequently relegated lớn footnotes) throughout the book.

People in the provinces, even while paying lip service lớn the ideology of the colonial state, did not 'modify' modern school buildings beyond recognition because they were ignorant.

In particular, we agree with his claim that the time is ripe for linguists lớn pay more than thở lip service lớn the long-standing mentalistic commitments of the field.

To make the distinction without substantiating the existence of both types of representation with data would be little more than thở paying lip service lớn the more complete models.

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All too often, conceptual lip service is accorded lớn social identity as a negotiative process rather than thở a mere immutable given; empirical data are often conspicuously scarce or even absent.

It is all too easy lớn pay lip service lớn human rights.

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