listen nghĩa là gì

Each one, on reaching the head of the queue, went first to lớn see the founder, who listened and diagnosed the problem.

He listens for the right word lượt thích a musician listening for the right note.

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He stood for the longest periods of time, listening to lớn my grandmother.

He listens to lớn what you have to lớn say.

In this sense who can contest, who can represent and who gets listened to?

He sometimes preached to lớn congregations of some two to lớn three thousand who listened to lớn him with" much attention and willingness".

Reading and listening can also help with speech and comprehension problems.

In a complex orchestral passage, we shall probably not be aware of the piccolo unless we are specifically listening out for it.

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To improve your listening abilities, with all its attendant benefits, you must be prepared to lớn learn how to lớn bởi it.

Radio broadcasts are another good means, but you should also try listening to lớn the television.

Note-taking sida concentration when you are listening to lớn a lecture, watching a Clip or reading a book or article.

Show others that you are listening to lớn them.

The use of language involves a number of skills, mainly speaking and listening; reading and writing.

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Also, listening to lớn people's conversations can be very enlightening and suggestive of ideas.

Unable to lớn get a drink, the workers were standing around in the street listening to lớn pacifist orators.

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