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The succession itself is something which, if it still lives, develops.

Failure to lớn guard citizens' lives and property could only discredit the government as a whole.

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She lives completely alone, sees no company, and has no friends.

The rapidly increasing use of computer technology is changing the lives of millions of people and the social organizations in which they are embedded.

Moreover, the selves involved in such an "exchange" are also reconstructed, since their language (as ideological material for their "lives") has changed.

All the same the facts affect their lives and the lives of those with whom they come in tương tác.

His next point is that according to lớn religion, our lives will be changed for the better now if we accept this first thesis.

In other words, language helps bind the lives of people together and is part of their shared life.

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At a more mundane level, the parallel and separate lives of the several confessional communities did regularly converge.

From the perspective of differential ageing, the question is whether depression and dementia have different impacts on the lives of those affected.

People did make decisions that influenced their lives, but these were choices that history had strongly influenced.

Their liberated lives could not be carried on in the child-centred suburbs.

People are in continual engagement in socioculturally framed face-to-face activities as they participate in and live their everyday lives.

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The family consists of different lives in interaction, each with their own developmental issues and needs.

We learn from our family what is important for our lives.

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