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This acts as a 'lobster pot' containing the insect until the trap is checked.

Total allowable catch for managing squat lobster fishery using stochastic nonlinear programming.

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Over recent years there has been a decreasing average size of lobster and a decreasing catch per unit of effort.

He hopes that by the time he is ready to tát demonstrate it to tát the military the lobster will have two claws which it can use as bump sensors.

Under sensors there is the paper on sensors appropriate to tát a lobster-like robot, and three on aspects of vision including insect vision, and one on olfaction.

We did sánh to tát find if we could keep lobsters alive by feeding them and keeping them in water which was circulated and aerated.

This minute "tag" is not lost when the lobster moults to tát grow and it can be detected later with a magnetometer.

We all know that that is possible in the case of oysters, lobster and prawns and that in certain cases shellfish poisoning can be fatal.

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Current restrictions include minimum landing sizes for lobsters and for crabs and a prohibition on landing of edible crab claws.

A great giảm giá of crab is going to tát fishmongers, though perhaps not many lobsters.

Lobsters are protected by a minimum legal landing size of 80 milimet carapace length, which applies to tát all fishermen.

There have been requests for us to tát introduce legislation to tát ban the landing of berried hen lobsters to tát protect the breeding stock.

There are lobster fisheries which would be very profitable if the lobsters could be got to tát the market in good time.

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Secondly, it will help conserve for the future, and for future generations of fishermen, our coastal lobster fisheries.

Another thing could be done with regard to tát the lobster fisheries.

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