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Generally archived with logbooks, they are more personal, idiosyncratic and variable in quality.

The following symptoms from the daily logbook were used in the computation of negative affect : irritability, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, sad/depressed, stressed out, and mood swings.

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A surviving logbook or journal thus becomes prime evidence, indeed perhaps the only first-hand evidence, that a particular voyage took place.

Whaling logbooks and journals 1613-1927: an inventory of manuscript records in public collections.

Instruments used to tát collect the data include surveys, focus groups, interviews, logbooks and classroom observation.

The trainee should keep an accurate personal logbook of all activities undertaken over the entire period of training.

The trainee must keep a logbook in which it states that the trainee has satisfactorily completed these requirements.

The number of fetal echocardiograms performed and interpreted should be kept in a logbook.

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Of particular value among whaling records are the logbooks that were kept on board the ships, recording day-to-day events of each voyage.

In the evenings, subjects recorded several behavioural characteristics in daily logbooks.

Johannesen noted in the ship's logbook mostly about weather, currents, ice, and temperature.

In view of the important distinctions, notably in precision, between the contents of a formal logbook and a less formal journal, we have here attempted to tát indicate which is which.

Lesser journals, often by mates or surgeons, give interesting insights into life on board that are not included in the logbooks.

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A logbook or formal record, maintained with several daily entries, usually by the master or mate, is likely to tát have been kept on every whaling voyage.

Sherman's team did not attempt to tát distinguish logbooks from journals.

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