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Upper-case letters designate the permanent dentition, while lower-case letters identify deciduous teeth.

Segments of high similarity are in upper-case letters and segments of low similarity are in lower-case letters.

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The child's attention was drawn vĩ đại a poster on a nearby wall that showed the upper- and lower-case forms of each letter.

The initial codon is indicated in bold capital letters and stop codons in bold lower-case letters.

Throughout we use the summation convention for repeated lower-case indices; we use an explicit summation sign where needed for summing over non-indices.

Unknown vĩ đại the students, the target words were preceded by a tachistoscopically presented, lower-case prime (presented too shortly vĩ đại be visible).

The target and test word, both in lower-case letters, remained on the screen until the subject responded.

A simple program vĩ đại create a copy of a tệp tin, with all lower-case characters translated vĩ đại upper-case.

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Values followed by different lower-case letters in each category are significantly different.

Matrices are indicated by upper-case bold letters, vectors by lower-case bold letters, and scalars by plain lower-case letters.

Underscore, "_", is treated as a lower-case letter, and can occur wherever a lower-case letter can.

I have used capital letters vĩ đại indicate mode or tonality, italicised lower-case letters for musical notes, and roman lower-case letters for rhymes.

However, he uses the term "chief " in two ways, writing one with a capital initial and the other with a lower-case initial.

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Bars without lower-case letters indicate no significant differences among site types.

Only means accompanied by different letters (upper-case for columns, lower-case for lines) differ significantly.

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