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In addition, there are those retired, dismissed for misconduct and of the remaining redundants, the majority bởi not have the service qualifications.

Arrangements have, however, been in force for some time past to tát offer employment to tát redundants in preference to tát engaging new staff in other regions.

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If a rule with such a "compound" toàn thân is not redundant it might be ví in part.

One mix contains redundant rules, the other mix is minimal w. r. t. redundancy.

They proved that the formed system of equations is redundant.

The attraction of what might at first blush seem a redundant translation was that nature could speak in a clear and undistorted voice.

As a result, there are three redundant constraints on rotation.

There are two distinct aspects of controlling a highly redundant robot such that it reaches its goal whilst avoiding all obstacles.

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Redundant mechanisms of calcium-induced calcium release underlying calcium waves during fertilization of sea urchin eggs.

The key question is how to tát choose the self-motion of structurally flexible redundant manipulators to tát prevent undesired flexibility effects.

As far as we know, not many studies have been done on structurally flexible redundant manipulators.

There are essentially three methods for task planning; teach and trả lời procedures, simulation and inverse analytic approaches which are all applicable to tát non-redundant manipulators.

Applying these torques to tát the flexible dynamic equations, the dynamic responses of the flexible, redundant manipulator can be numerically obtained.

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Clearly, it would be highly redundant to tát describe the orthography and pronunciation independently of each other.

Figure 7a shows a redundant manipulator with 5 links and 8 degrees of freedom.

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