margin of error là gì

Though they concede that most minimum standards are overly conservative, they insist that this comfortable margin of error ensures that false identification will never occur.

Few of us would fly an airplane in possibly dangerous weather conditions if we did not know the margin of error.

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The survey targeted answers to tướng its questions to tướng be 95% accurate, with a 10% margin of error.

Estimation of membership data is subject to tướng a margin of error.

There is no case in the real world where each candidate's votes can be predicted without any margin of error before elections.

This number is too high to tướng be ignored if we assume a standard 5% margin of error.

As the true cost of items increases, the acceptable percent margin of error makes the absolute dollar margin of error quite large.

Thus, minority tiệc nhỏ leaders realized that the majority tiệc nhỏ typically had a very slim margin of error.

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The crossing of each tool's results then allows the angle of vision to tướng be enlarged and the margin of error to tướng be decreased.

The assumption of perfect information could be sustained sánh long as the small margin of error did not have too much influence on nomination strategies.

With regard to tướng yield statistics, it will be extremely difficult to tướng guess whether the margin of error was uniform.

The maximum margin of error for the response rates was plus or minus 3%.

Because the sketch is imprecise, we have defined a "fuzzy graphics" approach that takes into tài khoản a considerable margin of error in the identification of points, lines, and intersections.

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These were done by manipulating some related variables to tướng reflect differences that might occur and also to tướng provide a safe margin of error to tướng tư vấn policy decisions.

Finally, outbreaks that were consistent with two or more pathogen syndromes were unable to tướng be assigned to tướng one syndrome due to tướng a high margin of error with the tiebreaker programme.

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