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In the former, the emancipated slave was legally protected against all attempts at re-enslavementfor instance, on the part of the former master's inheritors.

She is a magical craftswoman and master at spells and tonics.

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Across the hallway is the 12by16 ft master bedroom.

Various bootleg copies were in existence from the master tapes, though they are of poor quality as the recordings had not reached the mixing stage.

The two went on to lớn develop a master plan for a thành phố botanical center in the late 1960s.

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One wonders how many more records the Little Master is going to lớn tumble in the coming days.

Even the Master Tracks now feel a bit too much in some situations -- nowadays, they stay firmly connected to lớn my desktop computer.

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The re-opening celebration includes a live Master Highlighter Event May 28th and 29th, open to lớn the public 10:00 am -- 6:00 pm both days.

The MX Master doesn't fall down in many places, but where it does, it's pretty clear.

However, Master Builders Association spokesman Dean Cameron says the legal fraternity does not understand the burden the WorkCover scheme has on business.