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The strongest part of the game is in the mechanics.

He was primarily dealing with mechanics, magnetics, fiber optics, electrical circuits, and device packaging.

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However, the play mechanics, level designs, and overall structure of the game are otherwise identical.

In quantum mechanics, therefore, the state or probability amplitude contains the basic probability information.

Different implementations of molecular mechanics use different mathematical expressions and different parameters for the potential function.

His fields of expertise included soil physics, gas properties, acoustics, fluid mechanics, and blackbody radiation.

It covers environmental, hydrotechnical, structure, and construction engineering, as well as engineering mechanics, engineering materials, and a history of civil engineering.

Multiple gaps can be easily detected in biology, astronomy, physics, mechanics, economics, linguistics, ecology, gerontology, etc.

There is a third mechanic station brake, controlled by electrovalve regulated coils.

Environmental gameplay mechanics are featured in this installment, such as destructible terrain and the ability to tướng float.

It has allowed the development of new ranges of circuit breakers operated by low energy spring-operated mechanisms.

Mechanisms for deposition are most effective for either very small or very large particles.

The bouncers, which are the only non-player-controlled objects that can push other objects, allow mechanisms to tướng be constructed.

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An internal safety achieved through the proper arrangement of parts and mechanisms secures against premature detonation.

The mechanism of action involves random, detrimental mutations of a kind that happen to tướng show their effect only late in life.

The attendees were also updated on the latest developments in farm mechanization.

Agricultural production has increased through intensification that makes better use of existing agricultural land through irrigation, fertilizers, mechanization, improved seeds and better farming practice.

Academic and commercial researchers are still struggling with every stage of the standardization and mechanization process.

The free-form loaf is but another aspect of the revolt against the mechanization of life.

Furthermore, smart introduction of mechanization will be needed, combined with a significant effort on training and skills development.

These consisted of a panzer brigade (two tank regiments) and two motorized or mechanized infantry regiments.

This continued until production was mechanized and butter was produced in less decorative stick khuông.

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Owners of large buildings or building complexes generally have mechanized snow-removal equipment, but individual house owners mostly clean the sidewalk with hand tools.

It is mostly mechanized because of the cost and availability of labor.

By contrast, nearly all decked vessels were mechanized.