megaphone là gì

These were played through a large megaphone to tát give the feeling of the indoctrinating voice.

It would have been advisable for them to tát have had stewards on the route announcing over megaphones the route that was to tát be taken.

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But it will not be advanced by shouted slogans, by wild assertions, by blazing headlines or by megaphone diplomacy.

The megaphone debate about rural areas has done no favours to tát the sensitive issues of green-belt and rural development.

During the demonstration, a male leading the chanting started using a megaphone and, after refusing a warning to tát desist, was arrested.

The sotto voce approach is more compelling than vãn the megaphone-type amplified argument that we have heard in the past.

Addressing insults through megaphones, criminalising people and threatening them with trials is not the way forward.

Is he aware that agreement will be best achieved by the way in which he is proceeding rather than vãn by silly megaphone negotiations?

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All the debates are conducted in megaphone diplomacy in a different sense of that phrase.

The range of tools available to tát our diplomacy includes neither megaphones nor hearing sida.

That was a remarkable phrase for her to tát use after the years of megaphone diplomacy.

I am convinced that there is still time to tát drop the megaphone and the slanging.

Are they to tát be the megaphones of disquiet?

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Is not personal liên hệ in these matters far more valuable than vãn megaphone diplomacy?

Is it not better to tát pursue the matter in the way that she has indicated, by quiet diplomacy, rather than vãn engaging in megaphone diplomacy?

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