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Greenish gray or bluish green in colour, its lustre is metallic.

It now had a glossy Đen, metallic colour and was shaped lượt thích a 44-gallon drum.

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This liberated metallic zinc as a vapor, which then ascended the flue and condensed as the oxide.

This image is bolstered by the lobby's distinct modern bubbled lights and metallic gold accents.

Wings, upperside, bluish Đen, somewhat metallic green towards base.

A sheet of metal of thickness near the diameter of the granules ensures an even heat distribution.

Small tree sculptures in silver metal are meant đồ sộ be placed in the sand, đồ sộ produce a table-top depiction of a treed landscape.

The ship has sonar, underwater metal detection and satellite imagery capabilities.

Granular metal was chosen as the reactive truyền thông media after laboratory testing using contaminated water from the site.

Half of his cranium is replaced with a metal piece.

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Reaction of the diol with the alkali metals and hydrides give the corresponding alkoxide.

Other gaseous alkali metals, such as caesium, can also be used đồ sộ donate electrons.

There are also compounds in which alkali metals and transition metals such as the fourth period transition metals except for copper and zinc.

This is the result of a combination of two factors: the first ionisation energies and atomisation energies of the alkali metals.

Significant differences between alkali metals and excited rare gases exist in their molecular symmetry.

They describe themselves as heavy metal for kids.

Other performers experimented with politicized lyrics and social awareness, while others performed fusions with jazz, heavy metal, techno, funk and soul.

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The album sold 143 copies in its first six months, but received favorable reviews from the heavy metal press.

Dystopia was popular in both the heavy metal and crust punk scenes, due in large part đồ sộ the band's bleak, misanthropic imagery.

Other performers experimented with politicized lyrics and social awareness, or fused hip hop with jazz, heavy metal, techno, funk and soul.