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The tiệc nhỏ received tư vấn from a wide cross-section of the electorate, including middle class cửa hàng owners resentful of the "zaibatsu," salaried-workers, and some minor bureaucrats.

There are also about half a dozen 600-series school routes connecting the village with area middle and high schools.

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The station's format was changed in mid-1962 to lớn a middle of the road sound.

The forewings are whitish mottled with greyish brown, particularly at the base, across the middle of the wing and along the dorsum.

The sport was banned up until the middle of the 1980s by the communist tiệc nhỏ as being too bourgeois.

The condition of the whole is described by the inventory as middling ("mediocre").

A high percentage of the population were labourers/servants, and middling sorts, while a very low percentage of the population were employers or professionals.

For example, one genotype grew the tallest at the medium elevation but attained only middling height at the other two elevations.

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Other reviews were middling, calling the writing of the show acceptable and praising the strength of the cast.

Despite middling critical reception, it was released on four platforms and sold well.

A comedy centering around the camaraderie of three middle-aged bachelors, it received heavy promotion, but was another short-lived venture.

This picture book catches-up with the monkey when he is a middle-aged industrial mogul.

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It is more often found in middle-aged and older adults, and the teeth more likely affected are mandibular (lower) canines and premolars.

As middle-aged men, each is facing his own different mid-life crisis.

In 1992, a subsequent exhibition focused, less sympathetically, on well-to-do middle-aged women.