months nghĩa là gì

Company responses to tướng press inquiries suggest a limit of several hundred gigabytes per month.

It was produced by volunteers who sent out ten releases in the first five months.

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Rewards based credit thẻ products lượt thích cash back are more beneficial to tướng consumers who pay their credit thẻ statement off every month.

The board meets at least once a month, and more frequently as required.

During the summer months, there are several, grill parties and concerts in the town.

Members then pay a monthly subscription for a mix time period - e.g. 200 months.

The real-time market price and control system could turn trang chủ electricity customers into active participants in managing the power grid and their monthly utility bills.

They also publish a list of rooms and apartments available for rent monthly.

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Similar to tướng food stamps, the poor were given monthly supplies of grain and hardly had money to tướng pay for anything else.

For providing this exact time service there was a monthly or yearly charge.

This was the 1st of the 3rd lunar month.

When the parents find out about the prophecy, on the 15th of the 8th lunar month, they sent their children away.

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In this case, the over of the lunar month will coincide with a full moon.

A lunar month may have 29 or 30 days.

From then on, at the over and beginning of each lunar month, people there could make out through the fog an indistinct figure, wearing shoes.