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They are not only lively, they are romantic and dramatic and between them their moods can reflect the whole gambit of human behaviour.

Look at it this way: in some moods, or in some contexts, one might think that human beings are precious.

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In bulimic syndromes, binge episodes are thought to tướng be caused by dietary restraint and negative moods.

Negative moods were represented as 'sad and not exciting', 'it was very dismal', 'very depressing'.

Self-rated moods and hunger in relation to tướng spontaneous eating behavior in bulimics, recovered bulimics, and normals.

Integral to tướng the cultural landscape, aperitif advertisements and brand names were employed by novelists and film makers to tướng conjure up contemporary scenes, personalities, and moods.

In human interactions, the face provides a dynamic, embodied representation of emotion, sharing feelings and moods from moment to tướng moment.

Through facial conversation, an individual can enter into the subjective experience of another, sharing feelings and moods.

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Alternatively, it may be evoked by contextual cues, by preceding trains of thought, by moods and emotional states or in response to tướng current problems.

More generally, expression of marked moods and marked uses of the indicative may lack the stigmata of prototypical finites.

We need to tướng examine the role of other moods such as anger\hostility, confusion\bewilderment and fatigue as well as anxiety and depression.

Moreover, mixed moods should be inflectional too, lượt thích would have been able to tướng go (potential conditional).

Given that war moods can alter very quickly, even crude data to tướng test a simplified version of this model would be difficult to tướng get.

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On the other side, over here with us, that appears as moods, feelings, and will.

I cannot explicate the notion of a central affective state in detail here, but moods are paradigmatically central.

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