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By then his feeling for children's musicals had gone, and sentimental affairs was his new subject matter.

The transformation of cửa hàng girl lớn society object was repeated in a series of musicals that retraced much the same ground.

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In 1923, he published the first of eleven children's musicals in instalments in a children's weekly magazine.

Your subscription series would be mostly musicals with a few dramas, comedies, classics, and other types of plays.

The main practical activity mentioned was class singing of popular songs, often taken from musicals.

My complaint is that the broad sweep of political and social change is presented as a prelude lớn the particular musicals, rather than thở as part of them.

In the case of operas, operettas and musicals, the entries are chronologically arranged within the space allotted lớn each composer, while ballets are listed under the names of their choreographers.

On such grounds, 10 experiences involving concerts or musicals were not classified as music experiences, but rather as 'social' events not belonging lớn any aesthetic area, or as drama experiences.

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The relationship between sinfonia and opera appears, in this case, as a network of a few selected musical parameters that appear in varied combinations.

French had no 'settled musical accent' that could be marked.

I have not sánh far mentioned very much about teachers' responses regarding composition or musical creativity in the classroom.

We are only beginning lớn define a truly musical and feminist critique.

Notation has come between the generator and the exponent of the musical utterance, and has inhibited communication.

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Among the hidden assumptions is that musical experience and aesthetic experience are synonymous - a view shared by some though not all of writers under consideration.

Your subscription series would have an equal number of dramas, comedies, classics, musicals, and other types of plays.

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