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In contrast, (bottom) the conjoint effects of negativity and peripheral serotonin accounted for 64% of the variance in self-injury.

Couples who engaged in high levels of hostile - withdrawn coparenting exhibited negativity toward each other in the sườn of tension, anger, irritation, or frustration.

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The same hierarchical regression model was performed for maternal negativity.

At the same time, they showed a powerful negativity bias contrasting with the positivity biases of other girls.

In previous studies on adults, the anterior negativity was interpreted as signaling rule-based morphological processing.

The classifier violation led solely đồ sộ a late left distributed negativity with an anterior focus.

In a narrower mix of studies of syntactic anomaly an anterior negativity has been observed in the 300 - 500 ms latency range.

Intervention effects for these two aspects of child functioning were observed only among children characterized by negativity in infancy.

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However, with regard đồ sộ teenage motherhood, this negativity has not generally been evident.

Focusing on this 'negativity of movement' is crucial đồ sộ recognise the translocal limitations of many of the discourses dancers confront and conciliate in their dance.

In contrast, the deaf subjects failed đồ sộ show the early left anterior negativity for closed-class words.

The views of secondary pupils about their education may be complicated by the negativity that can arise during adolescence.

And, on the basis of several recent studies, we more specifically hypothesized that infants high in negativity would prove most susceptible đồ sộ rearing influence.

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This group of children displayed an unspecific broad negativity and no positivity in response đồ sộ over-regularizations.

The studies include an assessment of positivity and negativity bias, cognitive complexity, and affective splitting across domains with attention đồ sộ exposure đồ sộ different maltreatment contexts.

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