neutralize là gì

Meanwhile, he continues with his pet experiment, discovering a way đồ sộ neutralize radiation using radio waves tuned đồ sộ a certain frequency.

The final day focused on neutralizing the controversial two-car draft.

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The formation of these gums is accelerated by copper salts, which can be neutralized by additives called metal deactivators.

It consists of a stable protein toxin and an antitoxin that reversibly binds đồ sộ and neutralizes it.

The aggregative pheromone attracts other beetles đồ sộ the tree, and the anti-aggregative pheromone neutralizes the aggregative pheromone.

The second stripe is white, and represents the lack of gender, including agender, gender neutral, or neutrois.

Those treated with androstadienone drew more attention đồ sộ towards emotional facial expressions and emotional words but no increased attention đồ sộ neutral faces.

Most of the solution in the channel is electrically neutral due đồ sộ the shielding effect of the electrical double layer.

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These areas are filled with plant and animal life, which can be hostile, friendly, or neutral towards her.

Market neutral hedge funds typically charge a performance fee, inline with most 13030 funds.

In practice, net neutrality is also influenced by state level politics.

Here the price of the option is its discounted expected value; see risk neutrality and rational pricing.

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However, the most significant controversies concerned copyright and net neutrality.

Aggressors whether on the playground or in the boardroom or in the bedroom lượt thích đồ sộ demand neutrality from observers.

However, palm oil may endanger the carbon neutrality of the fuel if forest is cleared đồ sộ make way for palm plantations.