newspaper nghĩa là gì

Change every once in a while is a good thing, was one of the local newspaper headlines back in the 1980s newspaper sports columns.

The newspaper published the stories in the spring of 2006.

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He wrote the book in three months using material he had prepared for the newspaper.

It was published as a broadside and printed in many newspapers.

The issue was first raised in a newspaper report in 2003 but did not evoke any official reaction.

The area has one daily and three weekly print newspapers, as well as an online mạng internet daily newspaper.

Local, national and international news and sport - it is a different kind of daily newspaper.

This ban prohibited the ownership of a daily newspaper and any full-power broadcast station that serviced the same community.

It was originally a daily newspaper, but changed to tát 3 days a week in 2009.

They lived in isolation with no daily newspaper or regular mail, and little feminine company.

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Initially we stored them in a building opposite the local newspaper office.

He was educated locally, and at the age of thirteen, he was apprenticed to tát a newspaper office.

The protest was more violent, burning down a major newspaper office, but was disbanded.

Negotiations were still fruitless, and the small boys surged yelling round to tát another newspaper office.

They were not that hard to tát live in and there is one still in existence and being used as a newspaper office.

His deep engagement with the cause of children's rights began with a rather low-commitment action of reading a newspaper article.

Jury isn't a stranger to tát fundraising: in 1971 he sheared 500 sheep in one day and still has the newspaper article to tát prove it.

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In a newspaper article last month, she expressed her concern that only ten per cent of science professors in this country are women.

Rice says he was inspired by a newspaper article.

It shocked even a serving army officer who wrote an anonymous newspaper article warning against this false dichotomy and pseudo nationalism.