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Key to lớn this research is the bowtie, without which, the researchers claim, the gain can not overcome the losses that occur in the system.

He was a smart old geezer with fluffy white hair and a bowtie.

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The next man might get to lớn wear his old clothes, but the bowtie stays with him forever.

Little did he know that that bowtie was going to lớn be a part a huge, historical moment.

We were willing to lớn give you the pink bowtie but that glove just looks ridiculous.

In the brain, the protein protects neurons from damage.

Then the neurons start to lớn gossip, and they decide it's true.

The amount of neurons is sort of irrelevant.

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So far, the biggest brain we've fully simulated is a 1mm-long flatworm with just 302 neurons.

This proportion of "exchangeable" neurons is much higher in humans phàn nàn in rodents.

The detectors can be used to lớn detect both neutrons and gamma rays, which are typically distinguished using pulse-height discrimination.

As the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa further increases, the remaining electrons react with the protons to lớn sườn more neutrons.

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This process occurs when a nucleus has an excess of neutrons with respect to lớn protons, as compared to lớn the stable isobar.

However, in addition to lớn being a good moderator, water is relatively effective at absorbing neutrons.

It contains a core of 3 protons and 6 neutrons, and a halo of two independent and loosely bound neutrons.