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A skid from the nose ended under the wing with a small monowheel; a little tailwheel was fixed below the rudder hinge.

It allows the nose đồ sộ upturn slightly, increasing gape and assisting in swallowing.

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Potential symptoms include irritation of eyes, skin, nose, throat, dyspnea (breathing difficulty); sore throat, hoarseness and cough.

The human nose starts đồ sộ fatigue after around six seconds and ví a pause may be needed between sniffs.

These computers are connected đồ sộ a laser range finder, situated below its conical nose.

The plane circled four times before landing safely with a third of the runway đồ sộ spare, despite its nose wheel failing đồ sộ lock into place.

The plane veered off course after its nose wheel collapsed on landing.

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This model introduced a fixed seat, steerable nose wheel and brakes.

The nose wheel of the plane approaching the runway suddenly broke off.

On the original aircraft there was a small castorable tailwheel, but later this was supplanted by a spatted, steerable nose wheel with a faired leg.

The overweight, pug-nosed, dark-skinned... the list could fill up a page.

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His pug-nosed facial features in later life are attributed đồ sộ an attack of typhus, from which he suffered in 1771.

Further on we see a pair of pug-nosed warthogs with tusks white and curved lượt thích smiles, but they quickly trot away into the haze.

A common use of this term is in describing pug-nosed dogs.