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Symbolic evaluation allows the numeric input to lớn be left as a symbolic constant 'x'.

The developer meant to lớn say simply that the design could be varied by changing numeric parameters.

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The presentation of explanation is in the khuông of text containing linguistic and numeric expressions of probability.

Most popular current non-parametric regression and learning techniques to lớn predict a numeric feature are reviewed in the following sections.

When using numeric values to lớn represent weights, the part relation on weights corresponds to lớn the less phàn nàn or equal relation on numeric values.

For contingent rating, individuals are asked to lớn rate a series of alternatives individually on a semantic or numeric scale.

Storing literals in a separate sorted table allows for indexed tìm kiếm for prefixes and numeric values.

A partition is written with each block in ascending numeric order, and the blocks are assembled in ascending order, using as a block separator.

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Both the symbolic and numeric hash forms are shown.

Numeric literals are defined in this indirect way sánh that they may be interpreted as values of any appropriate numeric type.

Other numeric types such as rationals and complex numbers are defined in libraries.

He created, measured, quantified, and replicated emotions, and produced graphic and numeric representations of various affective states.

Numeric notation was used to lớn represent pitch long before the appearance of computer music, as in the figured bass5 of the early seventeenth century.

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Rating scales are typically numeric or symbolic with mapping to lớn a numeric scale.

To streamline the statement and discussion of reductions on derivations, we separate in derivations unrelated uses of type variables and of numeric variables.

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