objectivity là gì

The reasonable person standard enjoys a certain sort of objectivity, insofar as it protects people from each other.

If that is supposed to tướng show the unique objectivity of utilitarianism, it fails by simply begging the question.

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This concerns its fundamental orientation towards objectivity, truth, language, meaning and agency.

The twentieth century was hard on faith in classical objectivity, and in several domains at once.

Written culture encouraged the visual sense, the eye, which promotes distance, differentiation, and ultimately objectivity.

However, they seek to tướng maintain objectivity to tướng the science, and hence other broader-based methods are viewed as being un-scientific.

Some will regard this as noble objectivity while others will no doubt regard it as scientific cowardice.

There were two simultaneous fronts, that of objectivity and that of autonomy (protecting medical science from the pressures exerted by patient associations).

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The paper and discussion on public examinations again raise issues about their objectivity, and give many grounds for caution against reading too much into them.

But it replaced democracy with objectivity, promising that assessments of rationality would be based on universal laws rather than thở individual opinion.

In other words, art requires subjectivity and leaves purported objectivity to tướng science.

For if objectivity expressed the tension between particularity and universality, it could be transposed to tướng the languages of social thought and political economy.

Authority to tướng write concluding narratives is bestowed upon experts, often anonymous ones, with the implication of objectivity and detachment.

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Like all transcriptions, therefore, its apparent objectivity masks a subjective element.

But if you think of economics as a science, its lack of objectivity will merely irritate.

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