observatory là gì

Libraries, observatories, and botanical gardens offer another sort of challenge vĩ đại the systematizer.

The observatory's orientation is linked vĩ đại that of the heavens, with the principal axis of the tower aligned north-south following the plane of the meridian.

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It is likely that by this time the complex could not have functioned as a solar observatory in any sense.

His "inquiry" is the observatory of inventions connected vĩ đại the mechanization of work.

There he became an assistant at the observatory.

Why build five lunar observatories in the same location?

The new observatory provided a perfect opportunity for the exercise of his penchant for spectacular instrumentation.

The programme of the observatory provides a series of interconnected viewing platforms that turn the experience back onto the observers.

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The house is vĩ đại have two studios; an observatory; a sculpture garden; and living, eating, and sleeping areas.

The resident archbishop had founded an astronomical observatory there as early as 1692, and the local seminary helped vĩ đại distribute books among the peasantry.

He wrote that he visited and worked in the observatory three times, each visit lasting five days and nights.

He was not an unworldly academic: as a successful director of the geophysical observatory, he must have acquired many worldly skills.

As experience grew, the observatory volcanologists were able vĩ đại predict activity on a daily basis.

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The entire observatory is kept in continuous shade by a large deployable sun shield that also supports the solar panels.

However, this does not appear vĩ đại have been a functional observatory.

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