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Sometimes, it is important to lớn recognize that the flexibility of opt-out provisions is limited by what is technologically feasible.

In some countries, however, employees are given the option to lớn opt-out to lớn another pension benefit provider at the time engagement.

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One alternative is automatic enrollment in personal accounts with a voluntary opt-out provision.

Currently, many opt-out procedures administered by trang web sites and others are hopeless and cumbersome, making it nearly impossible for citizens to lớn exert real control.

Persons who tự not want samples of their tissue to lớn be used for research will have to lớn notify the opt-out register.

Allowing richer individuals to lớn 'opt-out' of contributions to lớn public insurance is likely to lớn decrease the progressivity of a given financing system.

Other countries continue this pattern of differences between opt-out and opt-in systems.

Farmers with small enterprises opt-out due to lớn reasons associated with the factors organic regulations and management.

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Despite many industry-wide agreements providing opt-out clauses and growing pressure from employers for greater enterprise-based pay determination, the bargaining system is delivering pay and price stability.

Family members can refuse to lớn join; however, once a majority of the potential kin group has agreed, individual families find it hard to lớn opt-out or not participate.

Instead, it is a potential opt-out from stage 3, the single currency.

First, if the opt-out was exercised, our country would certainly stand to lớn lose inward investment.

If not, what on earth is the opt-out for?

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There is not unity on the opt-out from the social charter or on the social charter.

However, that opt-out is sustainable only if it is continuously and vigorously defended.

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