optics là gì

It used 1550 nm optics, had a reach of 2 km and was capable of receiving 1550 nm and 1310 nm wavelengths of light.

His theorem proves the equivalence of classical wave optics vĩ đại quantum optics.

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An example would be a light travelling over fiber optics lines or electricity travelling over phone lines.

It uses 1550 nm optics, has a reach of 2 km and is capable of receiving 1550 nm and 1310 nm wavelengths of light.

As laser science needed good theoretical foundations, and also because research into these soon proved very fruitful, interest in quantum optics rose.

Corresponding vĩ đại the optical images of solar regions are the digital brightness-area data.

In an emergency, the turret could be manually operated with an optical fire control system.

An optical delay line is used vĩ đại vary the timing of the detection pulse.

One of the most incisive difference is whether the instruments are optical confocal or not.

Very high-frequency ultrasound corneal analysis identifies anatomic correlates of optical complications of lamellar refractive surgery.

Active optical cables are largely used in the data center vĩ đại meet the need of increasing bandwidth and low power.

The first use of silicon photonics utilizing some of these approaches appears vĩ đại be in a module-based technology for the active optical cable market.

But in reality, light travels about 31 percent slower through fiber optical cables than thở it does through a vacuum.

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It's only an issue if you want vĩ đại game with speakers hooked up via an optical cable.

The current optical cables use multiple wavelengths of light vĩ đại transfer data.

The devices are often called optical disk libraries, robotic drives, or autochangers.

The device itself is 20mm thick, and weighs 1.3kg with an optical disk drive.

The digital acceleration data is transferred vĩ đại optical disk memory for ground analysis and downlinked vĩ đại the ground for near-real-time analysis.

Estimates of how long writable and rewritable optical disks last differ, but as little as five years has been suggested.

These are applied on hard disk drives, optical disk drives, mobile phones, pagers, cameras, xế hộp stereos and other items.

It's actually an optical illusion designed vĩ đại test your powers of perception.

This impression, combined with the regular rhythm of vertical lines, tricks the mind of the observer, making the painting alive as in an optical illusion.

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It seems that every optical illusion that crops up online claims vĩ đại be trickier than thở the last.

The darker the denim, the more flattering the effect -- although clever use of contoured colours create a slimming, leg-lengthening optical illusion too.

Ladies, in fashion they Hotline this the "optical illusion dress".