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If I can further assist, please e-mail or Gọi bủ.

expand_more Nếu ông/bà cần thiết thêm thắt vấn đề, vui mừng lòng gửi e-mail hoặc gọi điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh mang lại tôi.

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Please send e-mail or Gọi bủ if you have further questions.

Nếu ông/bà với thắc mắc gì thêm thắt, vui mừng lòng contact với tôi qua quýt e-mail hoặc điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh.

to tát take hold of sth or sb

túm lấy ai

to tát take hold of sth or sb

giữ được ai

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

The second part -twistle relates to tát two streams or rivers.

He painted most of his vases with friezes of animals or horsemen.

Popular sources of power for distributed generation are solar heat collection panels and solar panels on the roofs of buildings or free-standing.

Tower arrays can consist of free-standing or guyed towers or a mix of them.

The building is 98m or about 32 stories tall.

What every traveler confronts sooner or later is that the way we spend each day of our travel... is the way we spend our lives.

This is expressed in social structures which will sooner or later bring the people involved into conflict.

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Sooner or later, however, everyone is confronted with both failure and aloneness.

And sooner or later, after a very long period of time, savory earth spread itself over the waters where those beings were.

The very fact that it is temporary means that sooner or later the happiness is going to tát pass.

Many relied on circuit-riding preachers to tát bring them the gospel once or twice a month.

It has a habit of flicking its wings once or twice every time it moves.

They will recognise a firm will, and we need only show them once or twice who is the master.

Snowfall is rare, generally occurring once or twice a year.

This was not done once or twice, but scores of times.

Naming products is art as much as science - and also hit-or-miss.

Demand for coins and bullion at the individual investor level is sánh high, general availability of many popular items is hit-or-miss from week to tát week.

I already find that most of the pools are hit-or-miss in terms of when they're open.

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But his live shows can be terribly hit-or-miss.

Success at convincing passersby on the street had been hit-or-miss.