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The quality of light is indeed external and overcast, a quality maintained even without sufficient natural light.

If a building can be adequately lit on an overcast day, then the xanh rớt sky can provide twice as much light.

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All indirect measurements were only taken during uniformly overcast sky conditions or after sunset (mostly after 1700 h).

The following night was overcast, pitch Black and with no stars visible.

The natural light in the reading room is diffuse and directionless and, lượt thích the overcast sky, the light source is never seen directly.

On an overcast day, the light is very diffused and is about 5% of direct sunlight.

Trapping was carried out under similar general climatic conditions, avoiding rainy or heavily overcast days.

Readings were taken during overcast or cloudy conditions when diffuse light was predominant, as required by this method.

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All photographs were taken under uniformly overcast sky conditions to tát minimize reflections in the images.

On several overcast days, observations were continued throughout the day.

An overcast sky gives the thành phố a sombre appearance, as if brooding on an uncertain future.

The albedo of a complete overcast sky ranges from 44 to tát 50 per cent for cirrostratus to tát 90 per cent for cumulonimbus.

The rooflights exploit the fact that an overcast sky is three times as bright at the zenith as at the horizon, enabling less glazing for the same amount of light.

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The photographs are especially a treat for those who have been in this area and experienced considerable overcast skies, rain, and fog, obliterating the spectacular scenery.

They restrict the daylight of the room behind and unless they are allowed to tát get very cold on cold overcast days they will use substantial amounts of heat.

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