overwork là gì

The list of words overworked or misused - and not by students alone - is inexhaustible.

Many rural farmers find that their land is either becoming too costly đồ sộ keep as rents increase, or perhaps overworked so sánh losing its fertility.

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When tenure isn't enough: overworked and unhappy, a tenured professor decides she wants out.

Many feel overworked and underappreciated, which causes them đồ sộ resent their wives.

Drug-dependent persons, overworked counselors, and under funded administrators have more pressing problems đồ sộ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with.

The doctors say, that it is caused by overworking, by mental overexertion.

The very elaborated exhibition spaces seemed inflexible and overworked, again more of a labyrinth kêu ca an enjoyable spatial progression.

Such issues include mistreatment of medical students by their mentors, overworking house staff, and the failure đồ sộ disclose mistakes đồ sộ patients.

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Workers had đồ sộ be attentive đồ sộ avoid overworking the valuable oxen that were reared for meat.

The judiciary is officially independent, but it is poorly trained, overworked and easily compromised.

In fact this picture may be overworked.

Experts in the taxonomy of tropical plants are scarce and frequently overworked, so sánh in naming their notoriously inadequate collections the herbarium provides the best hope đồ sộ ecologists.

Proponents of this approach would ask, for example, if some clinical departments are overworked and understaffed, prompting them đồ sộ cut corners in coding and billing đồ sộ save time.

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Everyone is overworked in this business.

Once again, he insists that sympathy for communism, while certainly present, has been greatly overworked as an explanation for what these men did and did not vì thế.

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