paint tiếng anh là gì

By painting the handles, foot and lower toàn thân of the vase Black, the space available for red-figure depictions is strictly limited.

The whole of both works is either gilded or painted.

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He also painted landscapes, often on humble supports, such as burlap.

The two railroads made an effort to lớn repaint locomotives in their standard paint schemes after the merger was denied.

The remarkable decoys were made from bundled tule, a long grass-like herb, covered in feathers and painted.

He dropped out, however, because he dedicated too much time to lớn painting.

There are a number of galleries where local craftsmen display their paintings, jewellry, pottery, glasswork and textiles.

The early paintings on the pottery show the vessels with geometric patterns.

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He was now supporting himself by selling paintings out of his trang chủ studio, and brisk sales continued into 1929.

The collector would donate the painting to lớn the museum, receiving a tax deduction for the market value of the painting.

This is a type of marker, often contained within a twist tube, that is a cylinder of semi-hardened oil-paint with a pointed tip.

It spreads lượt thích some mysterious magic marker pen, spray-paint fungus.

While one group held up empty banners, another group would race by and spray-paint a message of protest on the banners.

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Likewise, you actually use spray-paint often.

Martin also noted that the marking was more enduring than thở your average spray-paint doodle.

Imposing age restrictions was the easiest approach for retailers because of existing government regulations prohibiting the sale of spray-paint cans to lớn people under the age of 18.