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They often encountered hostile eyebrows or verbal humiliation from the more passionate participants.

Interviewees, when talking about their study, referred to tướng their often passionate interest in the subject as the key reason for studying for a qualification.

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It is humbling to tướng realize just how much creative, thoughtful, and passionate dialogue has been generated by our work.

His is a fairly sophisticated and passionate piece, although what it implies in terms of interpretative strategies is left open.

Here, importantly, we are not talking about his passionate attacks upon others.

The literature includes passionate as well as contradictory perspectives on research with hospice and terminally ill patients.

He was passionate about social justice and the well-being of the planet.

The sound is sad yet harsh; sorrowful yet passionate.

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Such fantasies are explained as the result of the passionate nature of early relationships and, in turn, presented as leading to tướng further passions.

Nor was the polemical tone a mere expression of a passionate temperament.

Perhaps so sánh many female assailants reveal their teeth because of the venerable view of women as being more passionate than thở reasonable.

In a real sense, the cause of progress had more to tướng fear from its passionate advocates than thở its reactionary opponents.

Illness that makes you have passionate thoughts about the oceans.

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This is not because he is antirights, for the book oozes with passionate defences of the rights of the parents.

Each attempt between the wars had courted unrest and unpopularity, with debates peppered with emotion and passionate language.

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