peaceful nghĩa là gì

The cattle trade moved westward accordingly, and the đô thị became more peaceful.

I only hope the day comes when no one is put in solitary confinement vĩ đại punish them for the peaceful expression of his ideas.

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That includes the right vĩ đại peaceful assembly and association, the right vĩ đại không tính phí speech and the ability vĩ đại determine their own destiny.

Although desiring peaceful interaction and offering immortality and boundless manna, they are prepared for hostile action.

The following day he was swept up in a mass arrest of peaceful demonstrators, and he declined bail until the đô thị made concessions.

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The whistle is a symbol of protest and the organization asks individuals vĩ đại be whistleblowers for peace.

He added that he hoped for a furtherance of relations vĩ đại maintain regional peace, stability and prosperity for our people.

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During this age peace and harmony prevailed, humans did not have vĩ đại work vĩ đại feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance.

They are counterproductive in that they destroy one's peace of mind and lead vĩ đại unfavorable future situations.

Since the part is a bustling area, dockguards were stationed vĩ đại maintain peace and order.