pee là gì

Bản dịch của "pee" nhập Việt là gì?



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English Cách dùng "pee" nhập một câu

Yes, it was a weak final two, but it also had a woman peeing on a guy's hand.

There will be at least 15 pee wee participants, all the age of 10 years or younger.

Their actions include throwing gross objects (boogers, ear-wax and smelly socks) at the girls, peeing on the thành phố, mooning the girls and lifting their skirts.

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So when he came out, he peed all over the camera and all around the phối...

Lumen, who was eager đồ sộ pee, went into the bathroom where she died as a rail spike pins her head.

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Từ đồng nghĩa

Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan (trong giờ Anh) của "pee":



  • make
  • make water
  • micturate
  • pass water
  • pee-pee
  • peeing
  • piddle
  • piss
  • pissing
  • puddle
  • relieve oneself
  • spend a penny
  • take a leak
  • urinate
  • urine