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Here are some lesser-known things you should tự as you establish you and your family's emergency plan.

I think it and other lesser-known operas should be explored more often.

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On a lighter note: would you rather be very relevant now and forgotten later, or lesser-known now and then rediscovered?

He successfully led the lesser-known football nation vĩ đại only their fourth appearance at the world's showpiece tournament.

What really worries mạ are the lesser-known movies.

However, national fame eluded the band as their albums were released during the time of grunge's decline in popularity.

The euphemism treadmill and changing fashions have caused terms vĩ đại rise or fall in popularity.

Standing at six feet and one inch, he was somewhat intimidating, but his gentle and sociable personality led vĩ đại great personal popularity.

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The practice is gaining popularity, notably in western societies that have more familiarity with social nudity.

He is sometimes credited for sustaining the early boom in the popularity of kickboxing.

He is credited with delaying the popularization of roller skating by at least a few years.

The truth is, cosmetic surgery is becoming normalized and its rising popularization both entices and scares us.

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The problem lies in the significant popularization and commercialization that the area is currently undergoing.

I worry most about the popularization of the idea that when a genetic variation is correlated with something, it is the "gene for" that something.

What is the difference between advocacy and popularization --i.e. communicating about science---which is generally considered uncontroversial?