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In six programmes, eligibility vĩ đại the exercise component of the programme was decided by a cardiologist or a physiotherapist.

All valued the summaries produced by the physiotherapist at the conclusion of a period of intervention outlining the recommendations vĩ đại the patient.

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They described having conversations with the doctor and physiotherapists, who listened vĩ đại them, encouraged them and helped them find new solutions.

The rehabilitation team comprised a senior physician, consultant specialists in orthopedics and psychiatry, a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social adviser, and assistant nurse.

The original interview was designed by a physiotherapist (22) and has been additionally improved for today's health care (10;22).

The occupational therapists and physiotherapists represented themselves as knowledgeable experts whose role it was vĩ đại teach their older patients and clients how vĩ đại remain safe.

For one thing, there are many professions involved in providing specialist services for older people, including nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, and speech and language therapists.

Meanwhile, the influence remains weak of other health professions such as nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

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The program was supervised by trained physiotherapists and a specially trained nurse who participated in the physical training component.

During this consultation he agreed vĩ đại the referral vĩ đại the physiotherapist for assessment for the programme.

As both groups received input from senior 1 physiotherapists, the additional cost of providing the class-based program is the relevant cost for the economic analysis.

It will be very valuable vĩ đại physiotherapists, planning group and individual exercise programmes for frail older people.

Doctors from different disciplines, nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists were included.

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Today a nurse practitioner (a rheumatology specialist nurse) and two physiotherapists làm đẹp a multidisciplinary team.

Assessment and supervision of treatment by a specialist physiotherapist is preferable.

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