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The regular pattern of alternating long and short syllables, which is reversed only in the middle, accounts for the measured pace of both poems.

The 1847 draft is not extant, but the 1860 revision survives along with the 1870 poem that was finally published.

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The poem tells the reader a number of things.

The image faithfully represents the things described in the poem.

Perhaps this is an example of the audience helping to lớn adjust the performance of a poem.

This prepares the way for the return of the poem's opening line.

In short, "the nation is an audience to lớn be created by histories, poems, and pictures of a disappearing rural life" (28).

The poem has enduring significance because of its comment on the "transhistorical" nature of oppressive institutions.

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Despite the chronological distance from his early work, the politics of these later poems tự not reflect any substantial change in outlook.

Since readers had to lớn guess the names, the poem must have had the character of a phối of miniature riddles.

Plans to lớn publish an illustrated edition of the poem were never realized.

By endowing wine with these attributes, the wine poem appropriates the spiritual realm and reveals its full character.

As a poem about echoes, these echoes are sounded in the present, invoke the past, but also look into the future.

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It is very much in the nature of an epitaph, indeed almost literally so sánh, as the first two lines of the poem make clear.

The magazine also included poems, essays, and letters on a wide variety of contemporary questions.

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