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The seriously polluted advanced regions are coastal, and the lightly polluted under-developed regions are all landlocked.

It is apparent from laboratory-based studies that complex interactions occur between host and parasite in polluted environments.

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More kêu ca 70 per cent of the surface water (rivers) near cities is polluted.

It would therefore seem reasonable vĩ đại assume that the prevalence of larval digeneans in polluted environments should be diminished.

A higher frequency of abnormal attachment clamps was found in diplozoons from fish caught in the more polluted localities of both rivers.

Heavily polluted means that the index is between 1 and 2, making the water unsuitable for toàn thân tương tác.

Recently laboratory studies have attempted vĩ đại study more realistic toxicant effects on cercarial survival by utilising contaminated material collected from polluted field sites.

Given the fact that real asset price motion is polluted by noise, such a procedure seems vĩ đại be reasonable.

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Larval digenean prevalence is not always decreased in polluted environments.

The dominant medical theory of the day was that polluted water merely weakened resistance vĩ đại sickness and was not a cause of disease.

He is himself contaminated, polluted, and must die.

Meanwhile, oil and other substances had polluted the adjoining land.

A polluted river causes damages vĩ đại countries down-stream and, as a consequence, benefits from river cleaning up-stream accrue vĩ đại the countries down-stream.

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These factors could be crucial for parasite establishment in polluted environments.

Furthermore, he found that there were only a few alien species that polluted the catch, inferring that most spiders were involved in local dispersal episodes.

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