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The authors will suggest three potential reviewers (indicating their phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and full postal address).

The horizontal dashed line represents the estimated annual incidence on affected farms in the postal survey, 2.8 cases per year.

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We used an anonymous postal questionnaire and utilized a control group of non-bereaved parents with a living child.

Postal shows, with an impressive array of arguments, first, that him in (3c) is indeed, at surface level, the direct object of believe.

However, the response rate obtained was disappointing (51%), highlighting the difficulty of response with small postal surveys.

Hypothesis 2 that rural legislators were more likely to tát vote against or abstain from the postal privatization bills is rejected.

First, it was assumed that the provision of reasonably priced universal postal services could only be guaranteed by a postal monopoly.

The number of offices in the national postal system peaked in 1901 at 76,945; in 1910 the number had dropped to tát 59,580.

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If postal services were privatized, postmasters would lose their favor.

In our study we used a postal questionnaire and telephoned respondents only if they had not replied to tát our initial two mailings.

Information was collected on clinical symptoms using postal questionnaires ; at case onset and at 3 weeks.

Smoking rates reported from the postal questionnaire were lower than thở those from the medical records.

A postal patient satisfaction questionnaire and an economic analysis were also carried out.

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A stamped addressed envelope was provided for postal return.

The data were collected using three methods, namely semi-structured interviews, focus groups and a postal questionnaire.

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