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Families were recruited through postcards sent đồ sộ several local neighborhoods, flyers, booths at community functions, and referrals from other participants.

They sent him countless letters and postcards, some of which called him a ' living saviour ' or celebrated his ' exalted and godlike benevolence ' (p. 229).

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Despite the fact that royal postcards were small, mass-produced items with rather impersonal textual messages, they were ver nó useful and effective public-relations tools.

In addition đồ sộ postcards, manufacturers distributed small gifts đồ sộ customers.

Local postcards depicting meaningful sites in village life.

However, it was not ví much the shows as the glamorous idols who provided the attraction for postcard buyers.

Many commentators attest đồ sộ the hypnotic cross-gender and cross-age appeal of postcard images.

Especially in the production of postcards this imaginary world is continued, eagerly bought by tourists who thus carry on and cherish illusionary images of reality.

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But smaller developments may also prove instrumental: those as specific as tourism (and its postcards) and advertising (and its logos).

I can write a short, simple postcard, for example sending holiday greetings.

Before mailing the questionnaire, a "refuse đồ sộ participate" postcard was sent (143 physicians refused đồ sộ participate).

This was not unexpected since the postcards were extremely brief and designed đồ sộ quickly determine whether the technologies were available in the hospitals.

The response rate was quite high for the postcards, but considerably lower for the follow-up questionnaires.

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The response rate was maximized by sending non-responders a postcard reminder followed by a duplicate questionnaire and finally a second postcard reminder.

The postcard users are often from extended families whose younger members have been dispersed by the labour market across urban and rural areas.

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