pots là gì

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flower pot (từ khác: vase)

chamber pot

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{danh} (để dọn dẹp vệ sinh cá nhân)

Ví dụ về phong thái dùng

to put a quart in a pint pot

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

I look into the pot, and hardly hold vomiting.

In the night, he used lớn walk around the locality filling any earthen pots he found empty.

These early pots were often grog tempered, although sometimes finely ground bone was used.

Earthenware cooking pots are made from special clay that can withstand heat in an oven or on the stovetop.

The pot will heat at a normal rate once all excess water on the outside of the pot evaporates.

Push the three crosses into the flower pot with the tallest one in the middle.

Straws placed in the flower pot can hold flowers upright.

I once buried my head in a flower pot for over an hour.

The majority of mosquito breeding is still being found in homes, such as in domestic containers, flower pot plates and trays.

You can not weave them into a garland but, they will surely look great in your flower pot.

And a hot pot of fish and chicken brought us lớn a perfect ending.

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Without any kind of promotion, many customers have discovered her unique hot pot via social truyền thông or through word-of-mouth recommendations.

By the time your server brings the platter of meat and seafood for the hot pot, you've had a three-course tasting thực đơn.

Try his yosenabe, a hot pot of seafood.

From there, guests get lớn craft a unique looking hot pot holder, "jostrs," from juniper they get lớn keep as a memento.

The only heat was provided by a pot-bellied stove situated in a small area under the east-side seats.

When the church was in active use, it was heated by a pot-bellied stove that sat in the center of the sanctuary.

What is the quantum of morality left in a society that sends its children lớn fight the wars of their ageing and pot-bellied leaders?

It was enough lớn make pot-bellied wrestling fans pretend they had something in their eyes.

The classroom was painted in bright orange and was heated by a pot-bellied "station heater" in the centre of the room.

His most prized catch is a large enamel chamber pot in perfect condition.

The legislature is merely a chamber pot of persons with a crab or herd mentality.

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She brings all her collection or parcels for the wedding (chamber pot, cool bag, basin, etc) and sits in front of her husband.

On display are antiquated toilets, including ornately painted medieval urinals and ancient stoneware chamber pots, juxtaposed with futuristic models.

Chamber pots and spittoons with unique designs are still highly sought after.