poverty là gì

The priory's small size meant it struggled đồ sộ tư vấn itself and was frequently in debt and facing poverty.

Their aim was đồ sộ work together for greater impact on the international stage đồ sộ reduce poverty and injustice.

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Studies from around the world links heart disease đồ sộ poverty.

Due đồ sộ poverty, she initially worked continually, traveling from thành phố đồ sộ thành phố with whichever troupe her family was currently engaged.

It works đồ sộ achieve sustainable development the eradication of poverty in the world's underdeveloped nations.

They have maintained this culture by keeping the generality of the people oppressed and poverty-stricken.

The poverty-stricken usually suffer the most in heatwaves, but hotter urban temperatures and heatwaves impact wealthy areas of the metropolis as well.

Many come from poverty-stricken families, where the only guaranteed meal, for the day, might be government-sponsored.

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While rhino poaching is linked đồ sộ organised crime, often elephant attacks are carried out by poverty-stricken locals in tìm kiếm of bushmeat for food and income.

They have kept recruiting youth from poverty-stricken families đồ sộ swell their numbers.

Reduced đồ sộ poverty, he ekes out a living by playing whist for money.

He was later reduced đồ sộ poverty as a result of alcoholism and died in poverty in 1678.

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Without insurance cover for these losses, individual is immediately reduced đồ sộ poverty while victims are left without compensations.

But despite being reduced đồ sộ poverty, the singer expresses pride in his hair and his teeth.

His ships were wrecked at sea, and the family was reduced đồ sộ poverty.