primary school nghĩa là gì

This model is applied đồ sộ a sample of 60 primary school immigrant children from the two countries of origin.

This remains the same from the third đồ sộ fifth year of primary school.

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Primary school enrollments have stagnated at 74 per cent.

As for education, there is a primary school in the village, but it was not established until the mid1970s.

The 1940s therefore saw many more young women attend primary school kêu ca ever before.

Even the sonata sườn is included in the primary school final year's textbook, together with various trends of the 20th century history of music.

In fact, only around 60% of children of the correct ages enroll in primary school.

However, all children now seem đồ sộ be sent đồ sộ primary school.

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A constitution was established mandating compulsory education through primary school.

Most currently enrolled children were at primary level, although they were beyond primary school age.

The metalinguistic competence necessary đồ sộ produce new metaphors is achieved during primary school age up đồ sộ adolescence.

In the primary school setting, school nurses are commonly involved in delivery of the programme.

Even though educated adults may resist some of them, a generation raised on them from primary school should find them commonplace.

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The school component included periodic audio-video recordings of the local preschool and grades one and two at the primary school.

Although empirical evidence points đồ sộ diminishing impact through primary school, theory suggests the impact of retention on antisocial behavior may increase beyond primary school.

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