probe into là gì

The vertical displacement of this probe was detected by a linear displacement transducer.

Otherwise, no probing took place in response vĩ đại misspellings.

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Both the series of priming words and the probe word were presented aurally.

Comparing the signals from the four deepest probes, only small pressure differences are observed.

At least one of the probes is a species that is entirely excluded from áy náy domains (quenching curve indicated by asterisk).

Now, not only was the dramatic nội dung of the written play probing the listener's intellect, but strange new sounds were stretching the imagination.

Across both probes, word type resulted in a main effect, with children from all three groups earning higher scores for verbs kêu ca nouns.

The probe reduces the local radial electric field so sánh that the beam magnetic force predominates.

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It can be equipped with different types of probes such that both electric and magnetic fields can be measured in a wide frequency range.

There might be reason vĩ đại probe a little further with a surrogate decisionmaker who is refusing pain medications on behalf of a patient.

This task is believed vĩ đại probe the subjects' ability vĩ đại assign -roles vĩ đại positions where the manipulated variable is syntactic structure.

For this reason a probe sampling plan is advised.

Indeed, for a simple probe we already (as stated) possess the technology vĩ đại launch such a vehicle.

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These are not seen in this case due vĩ đại averaging of the gradients along the probing path of the laser beam.

In the second part, the measured densities are under estimated because of the deflection of the probe light.

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