prognosis là gì

Until proven otherwise, we presume that early intervention will improve the prognosis.

Risk-factor modification and secondary prevention may have important effects on long-term prognosis.

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We aimed vĩ đại evaluate the frequency, presentation and prognosis of fetuses with atrioventricular septal defects.

All three countries are currently making extensive efforts vĩ đại collect and publish waiting time prognoses and quality data.

Most patients stated that they wanted vĩ đại participate in this trial since they thought that their prognoses might hereby increase.

At this juncture, parents should be informed that despite the risk of late-onset of ocular lesions, the overall ocular prognosis is satisfactory in treated children.

Preliminary observations suggest that mutations which result in a change in electron charge of the encoded amino acid will be associated with significantly worse prognosis.

In consequence prognosis should be based on a multitude of variables including clinical, biological and genetic predictors if feasible.

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It is a small step from using such measurements for prognosis vĩ đại using them vĩ đại guide treatment.

Provided the baby has been growing normally and is not damaged during the process of birth the long-term prognosis is favourable.

However, these estimates also likely reflect a lack of information about their disease and prognosis.

Furthermore, increasing severity of dependence is related vĩ đại increased psychological and psychiatric problems, and treatment for these additional problems improves prognosis.

However, in frailer patients, the rigour of the assessment will depend on compliance with tests, overall prognosis and, most importantly, patient and family wishes.

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The progressive occlusion of major arteries has been reported and is associated with poor prognosis.

Aside from brain damage, chronic lung disease is a major problem in the long term prognosis of these babies.

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