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This permits the determination of the allowable fuel for the aircraft, which ultimately yields the range capability.

This permits good discrimination within this intensity range at the cost of absolute intensity discrimination.

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A distinctive feature of qualitative methods is the flexibility of research designs, particularly where ethnographic methods using a range of techniques are involved.

However, the error is quick to tướng decrease and enter the range of error of the other algorithms.

At first, infants display discriminatory abilities which span a broad range of phonetic pairs.

Our pupils came from a range of local, national, and international backgrounds.

The intersection between the orientation annulus and the end-effector locus represents the orientation range for a manipulator at a certain reachable workspace range.

The possible score range is 0-100, with higher scores representing better functioning.!

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The average treatment slot was reported as đôi mươi min (ranging from 15 to tướng 60 min).

About half reported an on-site in-patient unit with an average number of 17 beds (range 1-38).

The desired client profiles had been established a priori to tướng ensure that a broad range of clients would be recruited.

We removed those children in order to tướng have an appropriate variance range.

The inclusion of a wide range of skills in conservatorium curricula would enable music graduates to tướng expand the scope of their performance and non-performance roles.

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What must be stressed, however, is the range and importance of its findings.

The grey area surrounded by a symbol shows the allowable range for the control points to tướng stay within the designated vehicle class.

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