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Recyclable material is sold to tát wholesalers and organic material is composted and then sold in the market.

Some packaging is necessary; it should be made from recycled and recyclable materials and should be reused as many times as possible.

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If imported secondary materials totally substitute domestic recyclable waste materials, the local recovery sector may suffer from không lấy phí waste trade causing employment and disposal problems.

In this paper we focus on the second point and assume in our analysis that all imported waste fulfills recyclable requirements.

However, we believe that the results from this study can be generalized across for recyclable non-hazardous waste.

Cans that are recyclable are made of this metal.

We implicitly assumed that all recyclable waste is recycled.

Recyclable waste in turn must be separated from generic waste before it can be processed into secondary commodities.

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They process biodegradable waste and sell the recyclable material.

As a result, certain recyclable materials remain unexplored.

First, the precise socio-economic impacts of the increase in recyclable waste are unknown.

Otherwise, the component goes to tát the recycling process if it is recyclable and, if not, it is just dumped.

The different motivations for recycling in the respective regions go on to tát create differences in the configuration of demand and supply in recyclable waste.

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Scavengers collect, from the streets, dumpsites, or landfills, re-usable and recyclable material that can be reincorporated into the economy's production process.

The third issue looks at the trade of recyclable waste.

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